Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms


Please watch this short video about the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Exposure:

When a person is exposed to carbon monoxide, they can have various symptoms. There’s sort of a list, or a litany of symptoms, that are common to carbon monoxide victims. In the most serious, or extreme cases, it can result in death. Below that of course you have unconsciousness. But in the most common case what you will find is a series of complaints that are common to carbon monoxide victims, and they include, headaches- not just regular headaches, but headaches that are a 9 on a level of 1-10. It can result in nausea, where you feel sick to your stomach, fatigue, difficulty with memory, or difficulty with concentration and focus. These are all very classical symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure. And the reason is that carbon monoxide is a chemical that attaches to your blood. And when it travels with your blood to your organs, your heart and your brain, it deprives those organs of oxygen. The carbon monoxide takes the place of the oxygen. It’s basically suffocating yourself slowly. So when you have these symptoms, of chronic fatigue, severe headaches, sleepiness, loss of concentration, problems with memory, and if you notice when you leave your home that you feel better, and when you come home you feel worse again, you should have your furnace inspected. Have any gas-powered appliance inspected to make sure it’s working properly. And if you have any questions whatsoever, go to your doctor and ask for a COHB test. That’s a test that measures the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood. A long term exposure to low doses of carbon monoxide is just as dangerous as a short term, very high exposure. And the symptoms can be confusing, so you really need to know what those symptoms are. And just act with an abundance of caution and see your doctor. If you have questions, fill out the form that’s shown below we will be happy to answer your questions.